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12 December 2005

Oh, those politicians...

Is there a big difference between what politicians say and what is the reality on the ground?
Of course there is, silly. Where are you?
The other day I went for my monthly shopping at Foodworld here in Bangalore. I purchased what I have been normally purchasing for the last 2 to 3 years (in economic terms, my consumption basket has remained the same). However my bill came to around 2400. I went back and checked the previous records. I found that in december 2004 my bill was 1800.
Checked with the girl at the counter. She informed me that after the recent rains the prices have skyrocketed
Price increased from 1800 to 2400. This means that for me, the inflation rate is around 35%.
The petrol prices have gone up, food prices have gone up, cloths prices have gone up........
All by around 20-30%
Yesterday, I read finmin Chidambaram's comments in papers about the annual inflation rate being stable at 5%.
Good for him......

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