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01 May 2012

Ayurveda cures...

Ayurveda is one of the Indian traditional systems of medicine. The word means 'Knowledge of Health'. Ayurveda has 'organic' cures for many of the illnesses.

Here are some common cures from Ayurveda. I am giving below three of them. Some of these are unusual from the perspective of modern medicine.

For blocked nose: Lie down on the side with the blocked part of the nose upwards. The blockage will be removed in 2 minutes.

For constipation: Press and rub your upper gums lightly with the index finger.

Insomnia? No problem. Lie down flat on your back, and relax. Keep both hands on your chest. Make a circle with the index finger and thumb of each hand. Keep the other fingers relaxed. You find yourself falling asleep sooner than later.

I would welcome any other common cures that you have experienced

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