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08 May 2007

Babbar Shers

Shayaris are mainly 4 line poems with surprising endings. They have much in common with limericks. These are very popular in North India.
'Babbar Sher' is a program that comes in the 'Radio City' FM Channel in Bangalore at 9.00 AM. Some of the shayaris presented in this program are exceptional.

Here I am penning down a few of them and obviously they will get continuously updated.

1. Na mang nimbu, (do not demand lemons)
tu tan tan ke lambu (you tall gaint)
Zara jhuke dekh (bend down and look)
Woh Santre hai (And you will see oranges)

2. Ek pyaja jam (a cup of wine)
Ek Bargat ke pedh (a huge banyan tree)
Ek suka hua angur (a piece of raisin)
Aur Andre Agassi (and Andre Agassi)
Is me koi mil nahin (There are no similarities between them)

3. Parbat ke us par (On the yonder side of mountains)
Mahanadi ke is par (On the banks of the gaint river)
Ek char lane ki highway ban rahi hai (They are constructing a 4 lane highway)

4. Laila ne Majnu se poochi (Juliet asked Romeo)
Laila ne Majnu se poochi (Juliet asked Romeo)
Kaun sa pehle ayaa, anda ya murgi? (Which came first, the chicken or egg?)
(Repeat the above for impact)
Majnu ne bola (replied Romeo)
Majnu ne bola (replied Romeo)
Jo pehle order diya hoga, woh aaya hoga (Whichever ordered first would have come first)

5. Maine poocha chand se (I enquired to the moon)
Ki dekha hai kahin (Have you seen anywhere)
Mere yaar sa hasin (one as beautiful as my dear)
Chand ne ka (and the moon replied)
Umm......nahin (Umm.... well... no)

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