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05 May 2007

Vowel Drop

Gdnsk, Sjlbvdnzv, Grzny ....
These are the names of some of the cities in eastern europe. Unpronounceable, because they do not have any vowels in their name. The names of the people in these countries are equally unpronounceable.
US as the leader of the world has taken the initiative in integrating these countries into the global system. According to Robert Demurr, the US under secretary to Eastern Europe, "US has the responsibility to ensure that these countries integrate smoothly into the global system (read "become large importers of US products"). We realize that the first step in this endeavour is to make the names more 'user friendly' with the use of the much needed vowels".
As a part of the support package US has decided to airlift the first tranche of 75000 vowels to war torn eastern Europe. Read on....

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