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08 August 2007

Vets charges

A man takes his pet duck to the Vet. Vet checks it and expresses the opinion that the animal is very sick and do not have much time to live. He wants to confirm.
He goes inside. Out comes a labrador. It comes near the duck, smells it for some time and then shakes its head negatively and goes inside. After some time a cat comes out, smells the duck and shakes its head and goes inside.
The vet says that the animal is definitely not going to survive for long and gives the man a bill of 500 rupees. The man is surprised and challenges the vet at such a high amount on the bill.
" If it was only my opinion, I would not have charged you this much", says the vet. "But considering that my opinion is confirmed by lab report and cat scan......"

This joke is from the latest issue of RD.

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