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14 January 2008

View from Bogota - Being an Indian in Bogota

When I speak to people in IT Industry in Bogota and tell them that I am from India, the immediate response is "India's Tata group has a big presence in Latin America. They have operations all over Lat Am with operations in Colombia also"

Way to go, Tata group, I am proud of you. I am also proud that I was a part of you for a brief period in my career. You do us good.

When I tell to non-IT people that I am from India, immediately there are two questions which follow. 1. Are you from Bangalore? 2. Are you from IT? When I say yes to both the questions, the immediate response is 'Of course'.

I am surprised at the way in which India, Bangalore and IT has been able to attract the 'Global Mind Space'. The global reach and growth of Indian IT industry makes me very, very proud as an Indian, and I consider myself very fortunate that I am a part of that Industry. The close linkage of IT with India in the minds of people worldwide is a pointer that it will take a lots of effort for countries like China and others to replace India from the minds of people.

One of the news items in CNN - Espanol showed that 'India's Infosys declares 25% growth in quarterly earnings'..

My point exactly.....

But we should not forget the rapid strides being made by other sectors of India's industry. With Tata's (Again!!!) Nano being released, India's domestic manufacturing sector is fast catching the global attention. Also one should read the following set of three articles by Arun Shourie (Written in Indian Express. Unfortunately, I don't have the links to the articles here) to see how rapidly India's Manufacturing sector is growing...

Not to mention other sectors like the Health Services. India's Apollo Hospital Group is fast becoming the 'Tata' of health services sector. One should not forget that the Doctor's of India and Engineers of India are two sides of the same coin that is 'India's Talent'. There is no reason why if Engineers can make India proud by their exploits in the IT sector, doctor's cannot do that in the health sector. Considering that India's medical education is considered at par with the best in the world!!

Best time to be an Indian!!. Three cheers to our country!!!

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