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10 February 2008

'Ghumne' or 'Ghumane'

Let me tell you of a hilarious incident that happenened when I was working in Durgapur.

We were a group of four friends staying in the same hostel. Me, Sunder,Peeps and Kamal Kumar (K K, obviously). KK had another friend named Gautam Mondol, a Bengali whose parents were settled in Kanpur, the place where KK was also from.

At the time of this incident, Gautam's grandmother, a typical Bengali lady, was staying with Gautam.

Even though he is in Bengal, KK cannot speak one word of Bengali. Luckily for him most people in Bengal speak Hindi and he is able to survive on not learning Bengali. 

That sunday afternoon, KK knocks at Gautam's door, his grandmother opens the door. Gautam is sleeping. In Bengali language that the word for sleep is 'Ghum'. For instance, 'Gautam ghumoche' means 'Gautam is sleeping'

The dialogue here is in Hindi. English Translation in brackets (as if you didn't know). Note: there are three languages involved, Bengali, Hindi and English.

"Gautam hai?" KK asked. ("Is Gautam here?")

"Woh Ghumne gaya hai" replied the lady. ("He has gone roaming")

"Kahan ghumne gaya hai?" asked KK ("Where has he gone roaming?")

"Apne kamre mein ghumne gaya hai" ("Gone roaming in his room")

"Kamre mein ghumne?" ("Roaming in the room?")

Lady felt that something was amiss.

"Gautam ghumata hai", the lady changed tack ("Gautam is taking someone for a ride")

"Kisko ghumata hai?" persisted KK ("Who is he taking for a ride?")

"Apne aap ko ghumata hai" replied the lady ("He is taking himself for a ride")

"Kahan ghumata hai?" queried KK ("Where?"

"Bistar main ghumata hai. Aap baad aayiye" replied the lady before closing the door. ("He has taken himself for a ride on the bed. Please come later"

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