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28 March 2008

Media Absurdities!!

These days of intense media competition for capturing the eyeballs, the earlobes (as in FM Radio Channels) and the mindspace of the audience has led to so many absurd incidents. The common example of this phenomenon is the omnipresent 'Breaking News' in TV Channels. How many of us has experienced the following? While some channels conservatively kill the farmers in Vidharba ('3 farmers commit suicide') other go about their business with gay abandon ('100s of farmers commit suicide').

In this era of intense competition, quality of news drops to ludicrously low levels.

TAke for instance what happened today evening (27-03-08) at around 4.45 PM. While driving back from office, I was listening to FM Rainbow, an FM channel belonging to AIR, the grand daddy of radio in India. Chennai test between India and South Africa was in progress, and Sehwag had just scored 300 runs, thereby becoming only the third batsman in the world (after Donald Bradman and Brian Lara) to achieve this feat. This overenthusiastic lady RJ nonchalantly announced on Radio that 'Sehwag is the third batsman in the world after Allen Border and Bryan Adams to achieve this feat'

Serious. I am not joking.

What probably has happened is as follows.

Initially, I think she wanted to say 'Allen Donald'('Donald' from Donald Bradman) but in the last moment realised that he was a bowler. So quickly changed the shot and played a forward defensive shot and bestowed the honour on Allen Border. At least she got the name of a batsman!

Of course, Bryan Adams replaced Brian Lara. Similar first names, you see. She chose Bryan Adams may be because she is an RJ!!


Do you have any such incidents to narrate? Share with us.

19 March 2008

Quotes from famous people!!

When you are 20 you think you know. At 40 you know you know. At 60, you wish you knew.
-- Ramaswamy. Remember, you saw it here first

When I was 16, I used to wonder how ignorant my parents were. By the time I reached 20, I was suprised to see how much they have learned in the last four years
--Winston Churchill

Be like a duck. Be calm outside, but paddle like hell beneath.
--Anonymous to me