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10 August 2008

Similarities between Jesus Christ and Krishna

The other day I was talking to my son on the similarities of different religions and how man makes artifical differences. To illustrate the point, I was telling him about the similarities between Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna.

1. Cruel Kings: When Krishna was born, Kamsa got the heavenly message that his nemesis is born. So Kamsa ordered the slaying of all the children born in his kingdom on that day.
When Jesus was born, King Herod got the message that his nemesis is born. So he ordered the killing of all the children born in his Kingdom on that day.

2. When Jesus was born, a well lit star up in the sky guided the faithful to the place of his birth. When Vasudev was taking Krishna to the Nanda Gopal's place, a well lit star guided him

3. Jesus was born in a cowshed. Krishna was brought up amoung Cowherds.

4. Jesus raised his voice for his faithfuls who were a persecuted minority. Krishna fought for the pandavas who were the persecuted minority.

5. Jesus was killed by being nailed to a cross. Krishna was killed when a hunter mistook him for a bird and killed him by shooting an arrow into his toes (legs). Both were killed by sharp metals pierced into their bodies.

6. Jesus resurrected after three days of being killed. Krishna is supposed to be resurrecting as Kalki in Vishnu's next avtar..

Too much of a coincidence, isn't it? I was also surprised when Iwas telling my son this.

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