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09 September 2008

A Riddle

This riddle was told by Isac Asimov.
Reading all these sci fi books, I used to feel intellectual. With my high IQ, I used to think that I could crack all the riddles that there is (well except for those created by Einstien!).
My arrogance lasted till I visited my hair dresser the other day.
Working on my hair, he said, "Let me ask you a riddle?"
I nodded in assent.
"It is about midnight on a very dark and rainy day. There is thunder and lightning all over, with very poor visibility. A father is driving his son back home from a party. Unfortunately, the headlights of the car suddenly conk off.
Father is driving fast to escape this thunder showers. Suddenly he hits an uprooted tree lying on the road.
There is minimal damage to the car and father but son is injured. The panicking father immediately took him to a nearby hospital which wears a deserted look in this night of horrors.
The child is immediately taken to the emergency room and is made to lie down on a couch.
Except for the father and the child, the room is occupied by an old lady nurse.
And Silence.
Soon the night duty doctor arrives. The doc takes a look at the child and exclaims, " My son,Oh my god, what happened to my son?"
How is this possible?" asked the barber, "The child is obviously the man's. But then how can the doc make this claim?"

I didn't have an answer. Do you?

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