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29 December 2008

Abbreviations used in Chat

While going through the comments section in Youtube of various laughter programs like 'Whose line is it anyway?', 'Friends' etc, I used to see some words very regularly. Did not understand what words like 'lol', 'rotfl', 'lqtms'...etc meant. So I decided to do a little google search.
Here is what I found.
lol - laugh(ing) out loud
rotfl - rolling on the floor laughing
lqtms - laughing quietly to myself
lawl - laughing a whole lot
lolz - plural of lol
lulz - Generally meaning 'for the heck of it'. As in Why did you commit the crime? I did it for lulz
mdr - In French 'morte de rire' meaning 'dying of laughter'
555 - The Thai version of lol. 5 in Thai is pronounced 'ha', so 555 meaning 'hahaha'
asg - From Swedish word 'Asgarv' meaning 'Intense Laughter'
cmv - Latin form of 'lol'. 'Cachinnans magna voca' meaning 'laughing in a loud voice'.

I think that is 'efon' (enough for one night).
Why did I spend so much time? Just for lulz.