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18 February 2009

On Muttalik, Moral Brigade, Valentine's day and more....(of the same)

I am sure this is a feeling that all of us share.

When I saw the SRS goons beat up those boys and girls in the Mangalore Pub, I felt nauseated. It was pathetic, horrible and inexcusable.

I want to strongly object to the inhuman way in which the pub goers were beaten up.

I am not a BJP Fan. Neither am I a congress supporter for that matter. But one thing I am. I am strongly liberal. During the elections, I had warned many of my friends about the dangers of voting BJP to power. I had told them that this is an ideology based party, the ideology not being to provide well being to all (which is the true responsibility of a political party) but to further the growth of its narrow agenda, which is to promote one religion above other. I had told my friends that whenever a political party has ideology above and beyond public welfare, the outcome was bound to be sub optimal. I remember warning people of the dangers posed by growth of BJP in Gujarat where average hindus and muslims are not even on talking terms.

Ultra Hinduism has always tried to subjugate its followers. For example, manusmriti told people how to subdivide hindus into subcastes.

Now SRS is beating up 'Hindu' boys and girls for going to pub. What a shame?

To all my friends, with whom I had had debates on perils of bringing BJP to power, 'I told you so'.

What do we do as citizens?