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19 November 2010

The Optometrist or the Optimist....

I had to get my spectacles mended.
"I should see an Optimist" I told my wife
"To get your specs mended you need to meet an Optometrist" replied my wife.
I cheked up 'Optometrist' in the dictionary.
'Optometrist' appeared after 'Ophthalmologist' and 'Optician' in the dictionary.
"May be I need to see an 'Ophthalmologist' or an 'Optician'?" I was not sure.
"No, you should see an Optometrist", my wife averred.
She was so sure that I called up the number of Optometrist.
"How much time will you take to mend my specs?" I asked the lady who responded.
"Two hours.... may be less...I am an optimist" she responded

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