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26 December 2010

Smart Strategies....

Note: This is not a political commentary. I am an independent thinker and provide issue based support to Both Congress and BJP.

This article is an expression of admiration of the strategy of one political pary...

You have to admire the strategists of Congress for their innovativeness.....
Here you have the Onion price rise, a very volatile issue which has brought down two governments in the past, a steep hike at that, and what will you expect to see?
You will expect to see a vigorous press focussing every day on Onion Prices. You would expect to see reporters standing in the major vegetable markets in different parts of the country, interviewing irate house wives on the steep price hike and the impact on their wallets. You would expect to see 'Special Onion Issues' of major news papers, and detailed discussion on the price rise, the demographic impact of the price rise and the expected impact of the price hike on the prospects of Congress.
You would expect to see Opposition parties going hammer and tongs at the government for its inability to control price hike, you would see parliament functioning and having very heated debates on price rise, inflation, the cost of inflation, the economic impact of inflation etc.
You would expect to see interest rates rising, inflation being a major issue which will bring down the matkets adding to the already existing gloomy scenario.
If I am an oppostion leader, I would be licking my lips at this god send opportunity.
This all fine to expect. But what do you see in reality?
The press is focussed on Corruption. You see Arnab Goswami raving and ranting against Kalmadi and Raja almost making the Corruption his personal issue.
You see reporters stationed at the houses of Raja and Kalmadi and a few standing in the Vegetable Markets.
You see BJP focussed on JPC and 2G Spectrum scam. It is holding public rallies explaining the concept of 'Spectrum' to Aam Aadmi. I heard Sushama Swaraj, explaining why 'Spectrum' is important for BJP to stop parliment from functioning for the whole Winter session. Aam Admi was sitting under hot sun listening to Sushamaji explaining the technical aspects of 'Spectrum'.
BJP is desperately trying to explain why it is justifyable to stop Parliament from functioning for the whole Winter Session.
Aam Aadmi is wondering why Corruption is so important now? It has always been there. Corruption has never brought down a government in India in the past. Why assume that it will this time around?
As an Aam Aadmi, I would identify myself with Rise in Onion prices, which impat me directly, than any esoteric concept of corruption in high places.
Mind you, I am not supporting corruption, I am all for putting Raja, Kalmadi and co behind bars for life. But the point is:
Onion price rise is much more important an issue and has a lot more effect in Channelizing the rage of the Aam Aadmi than this esoteric concept of 'Spectrum'.
Cynical that I am, I also think that Congress found this a good opportunity to get the prices of Onion hiked so that the Rich Onion Merchents can make a killing, and a part of that will go to Congress Party fund as donation......
Net result? Thru corruption in CWG and 2G scam and now Onion price rise, some people have become richer at the expense of Aam Aadmi and BJP is roaming around the country side teaching 'Spectrum' to the Aam Aadmi.
All the while, there is no one to focus on the punishing rise in prices of Vegetables across the board.
Congress has strategically made the BJP and opposition to focus on the wrong issue at the wrong time.
It is not for nothing that Congress has been in exostence for more than 125 years. They should have learned a few trick during this journey...

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