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08 January 2012

Sysiphus.. All over again !!!

In the beginning there was BJP, the party with a difference....
"Congress is corrupt, we are different", they said. Vote for us and we will give you a government with a difference, because we are a party with a difference, they proclaimed.
Then came Lakshman, the party president, who was found accepting bribe, caught on Camera, forced to resign.
That dented the Party with a difference, for a while.
That was an aberration, they said, we are still a party with a difference.
Then came Yediyurappa, the Karnataka, temple hopping, yagya prone CM, who spent 24 days in Jail for.... believe it or not..... corruption charges.
That was an aberration, they said, we are still the party with the difference.
Then came Anna Hazare and the lokpal movement. The party with a difference, joined hands with Anna Hazare, to fight a political, anti corruption war against Congress. Their leaders went and sat with Anna Hazare, fully knowing that Anna Hazare wanted strong Lok Ayukta as a part of Lokpal.
In the debate in the parliament, they opposed the concept of Lok Ayukta under Lokpal...
After the 'Rajneeti' in Parliament, the BJP won a lot of political traction. The party came to be associated with Anti Corruption movement. Its leaders acquired a new sheen, a new respectability.
At least we have one political party that is against corruption, thought public. We truly have a party with a difference...
Then came UP elections and the Kushwaha controversy. Now 'The party with difference' is back to square one.
Greek mythology tells the story of King Sysiphus, who was punished to eternally push a boulder to the top of a hill, only to see it roll down.
Corruption issue is BJP's 'boulder of Sysiphus'

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