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09 April 2012

Indian. food at Niagara falls

Just opposite to the Car Park at Niagara Falls, there is a food court known as 'Welcome Centre' where they have Indian Foods. Here you can get real good Indian Foods. The owner is from Punjab and the chef is a Sardar. I purchased an Aloo Paratha which came with Pickles and Dahi. It was soft and delicious. Only grudge is that they could have gone easy on the Ghee. 
I saw a few people of Chinese Origin buying and then struggling with the Indian Food. You could see from their faces that they are unaccustomed to spicy Indian Curry.
Despite there being a Chinese food counter in the same food court, these guys were eating Indian Food.
Crazy world, isn't it? Indians eating Chinese foods and Chinese eating Indian food, when both are available side by side.
Talking of food in US, I have something to say about the Burgers that they serve here.
US is the home of the burgers. When you are here in US, you will expect tasty burgers. However my experience with Veggie Burgers here in US have been disappointing. In general, I found them bland and tasteless. Probable reason is that the US chefs go light on spices. But that makes the Veggie Burgers unpalatable to Indian tongues. This was not the case when I had Veggie burgers in UK. There the burgers were similar in taste to that available in India. 
Burger in US? that is one food that I am not excited about.

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