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06 April 2012

New Car in US

I have rented a new car in US. This is a red Chevrolet Aveo.

I am in the process of learning the new 'Right Hand' drive car. It is not easy. The main challenge is related to 'Automatic Transmission'. In my car in India, I drive a car with manual transmission. In my car, which is a left hand drive, I change the gear based on the speed of the car. And also while driving long distances, I rest my right hand on the car window. So when I drive this car, my left hand is always itching to shift gears, and my right elbow feels like resting, as I do while driving my car in India. 
In addition, there are no clutches in this car. In my car in India, as soon as the car slows down, I press my clutch with my left leg to shift gears. So here also, while slowing down at red signal, I instinctively press the left leg and this leads to me applying sudden break. The breaks are very good. So the car comes to a sudden stop. 
This is not an issue in Batvia since the traffic is very light on the city streets. So the only impact is the discomfort that a sudden break causes me. But, if this happens in the streets with busy traffic, I think I will have a problem.

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