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10 April 2012

'Oopar wala jab deta hai chappar faad ke deta hai' (When god decide to give, he gives in abundence)

In the story 'God Sees the truth but waits' Leo Tolstoy tells the story of Ivan Aksionov, who is convicted of a crime that he did not commit, spends 26 years in Jail, before the Justice system finds that he was innocent. The moral of the story is that while god sees everything, sometimes he waits for a while before giving the bounty.

Why am I telling this?

Those who know me in the Engineering college hostel know how much I love curd. I could eat almost anything if it is accompanied with curd. I used to love it so much so that my name in the hostel was prefixed with the vernacular word for Yogurt. 

If  all my engineering college colleagues had seen and known how much I love yogurt, definitely god should have known the truth that I dig Yogurt.

But he waited for about 25 years before he decided to be liberal.

For the last 3 years, I have been implementing ERP systems in a Milk Products plant in both Latin America as well as here in US. Whatever may be the drawbacks of that company, from my perspective, one thing is abundantly available.


These plants produce yogurt in different flavors and since I am working as a manufacturing consultant here, I have the rare opportunity to taste yogurt any time I want and in any quantity I want. All free. Yogurt a gratis.

Believe me, I am making full use of this opportunity.

And the best thing? These are all low fat, low sugar, fruit based yogurts. They are so yummy, my mouth melts as I am writing this.

I think I will raid the fridge for another Strawberry Yogurt and top it up with a mango yogurt. Or should I go for Pineapple flavor? 

What the heck, I will have them all....

Like they say, 'Oopar wala jab deta hai chappar faad ke deta hai'. Translated, this means, 'When god decide to give, he gives in abundance'

God wills me to eat yogurt. Who am I to fight against Gods wishes?

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