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25 April 2012

A Random Thought...

As you can see, my blog title is 'Random Thoughts...'.
Today, just out of curiosity, I tried searching for 'Random Thoughts Blog'. I just wanted to check if my blog is referred anywhere in the wide web world.
Do you know what I found? Everyone names their blogs as 'Random Thoughts'. There were so many blogs out there meeting the above search criteria. If you thought that you are original, ask all those bloggers whose blogs came up in the first six pages on a google search.
Still I didn't see my blog.
This means that the blog title 'Random Thoughts' may sound intellectual, everyone has random thoughts and want to update them in the blog. You even have a website (number 1 hit on google) called randomthoughts.
This means only one thing. I have to change my blog title. What about...
"Clear Thoughts"
"Idle thoughts" (I have a feeling it is already popular)
"Thoughts from the right hemisphere" This was my blog title when I thought I was kind of intellectual.
Let us try something out of box.
Why not "Thoughts out of box"
"Gentle Musings" or simply "Musings"
I give up. Any suggestions?
In the meantime I am changing my blog title to "Thoughts Out of the Box"

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