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10 May 2012

10 things to do in Delhi....

My friend Habeeb wrote to us that he is planning to go to Delhi for a training.
I wrote him a list of 10 things that you can do in Delhi. This list is based on 'Top 10 List' of David Letterman..
Here are the top 10 things that you could do in Delhi. This post was written at a time where there were a lot of protests going on in Delhi against Corruption.

Those of my readers in US and Alaska won't find this any funny. Suggest they skip this post.

10. Stand on top of Redfort and do a 'Republic day' speech in 'Chentamil (Pure Tamil)' [Normally this speech is given in Hindi, our national language]
9. Meet Manmohan Singh and convey your disappointment at his performance. Do not forget to get his autograph.
8. Meet a few left MPs before they become extinct
7. Walk on Connaught Place with a placard that reads 'We are from Kerala, our weather is pleasent'
6. Do an item number in Rajghat.
5. Go to Ramlila grounds and flick a few stuff lying around there that belonged to Baba Ramdev Devotees.
4. Do actual 'Yoga' in Ramlila grounds rather than the 'Nautanki' that was on TV.
3. Go against the crowd. Chant 'Corruption Zindabad' in front of Anna Hazare
2. Meet Raja and Kanimozhi at Tihar Jail and give them a complaint about your Aircell connection.
1. Be a member of Lokpal committee. I hear anyone can join.

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