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01 May 2012

Advice during Eid

Currently I am in Dubai, during the holi month of Ramadan. Tomorrow is Eid ul fitr, which signifies the end of the month of Ramadan. In this holy month the believers fast thru the day and eat only in the evening.

The Gulf News Newspaper has given some suggestions as to what muslims should do during Eid. It is very inspiring...

On the day of Eid, there are some Sunnah acts that Muslims should do including:

1. Wake up early and have breakfast before leaving for the Eid prayer ground.

2. Dress in the best clothes that a Muslim can afford, that are reasonable and modest.

3. Apply perfume (men only)

4. Offer Eid prayers in congregation in an open place

5. Engage in takbir prayers after the Faj, or sunrise prayer , until the imam comes out for prayers. Takbir is recommended for males, females, young and old.

6. It is also important to make sure to pay Zakat Al Fitr before the prayer. Ideally, it should be given in advance so that the poor can enjoy their Eid.

7. Wish everyone the joy of Eid

8. It is also a good islamic practice to visit one another and exchange gifts. The prophet said "Exchange gifts in order to foster love".

9. Remember the true spirit of Eid is reflected in extreme generosity to the poor and the needy. So a Muslim should be charitable as best as he or she can.

10. Changing the route on retruning from the prayer ground to exchange Eid greetings with as many Muslims.

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