15 May 2012

Be My Guest Blogger...

I invite you to publish guest posts on my blog.

What: is a guest post?

Guest post is a blog post that you create as guest in a blog maintained by others. You can publish guest posts in the blogs that provide that facility, like this blog.

Why should I publish guest posts? What the benefits that I can get?
  • You will have a wider audience
  • Your posts will be back-linked to your blog: Hence more blog traffic to your blog
  • Opportunity to express your views to the world
How will I create a guest post? What is the process?

In order for your posts to appear in my blog, send the following details to my email id:
  • Your post
  • Your website / blog URL
  • Your email address
  • A brief profile about you. This should be personal and not formal.
What are the Conditions for posting to my blog?

  • Brevity: The blogs should be brief and to the point. Maximum length per post is 500 Words
  • Relevance: My blog is dedicated to positive self-driven growth through Innovative approaches. Your post should be relevant to this theme. The post can be related to life challenges faced and overcome, the positivity journey, Reviews of Books on Positive self-development, use of humour as a tool to overcome challenges or any other topic related to positive growth. 
  • No links: The story should be your own in your words. No links to outside posts are allowed.
  • Originality: The post should be original and not copied from other sources.

And finally caveats..
  • No payments will be made to guest posts on my blog
  • Decision as to if and when your post is published in my blog is entirely at my discretion.
  • Your posts may be edited to suite the requirements of the blog.

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