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12 May 2012

Beautiful words in English...

The other day I heard a radio ad which mentioned 'Delectable' chocolates. 
I simply fell in love with the word 'Delectable'. 
The word conveys a lot of positive stuff. A 'Delectable' chocolate is good to look at, has the perfect blend of Cocoa and Sugar, just sweet enough, just hard enough to hold but soft enough to melt in your mouth.
I love the sound of the word. It sounds very good. A delectable woman, for example, is the best there is. She has beauty, grace, poise, friendliness and she knows how to make you a man. She has the hint of flirt and oodles (there is another word that I love) of empathy for you as a person.
Are there other words that I love? Of course there are.
Like 'Halcyon', for example. 'Halcyon days' brings a hint of all that is great and beautiful about the past. 
Mellifluous is another word that I love. It is an adjective that adds to the quality of a person as in 'she has a mellifluous voice'.. 
Oh, I am in love with her....
Any other words that come to your mind?

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