12 May 2012

Shooting of Gabrielle Glifford of Arizona....

When I was a kid, I used to take Homeopathy medicines for my Bronchial Asthma.

As soon as I take the medicine, my asthma will exacerbate. I will have severe wheezing, breathlesness and will also have some rashes developing all over the body. It is very scary for the observer.

When I was reading about the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Glifford, the democratic congress worman from Arizona, I was reminded of my Homeopathy medicine days.

For US, the election of Barrack Obama as president has been like taking the first dose of Homeopathic medicine. All the pent up anger, frustration and all the basic instinct that were hidden for the last so many years (probably since independence) is coming out, warts and all. We have far right propounding very violent ideas and actions, we have the 'Oh So Educated' americans comparing themselves with the uneducated terrorists from Pakistan and Sudan (if they can do it, why can't we?), we have the emotional opposition to a legal structure (Mosque) being coming up at 'Ground Zero', we have vitriolic rhetoric coming in from radio and talk show hosts........

We have all the pent up symptoms erupting, warts and all....

The latest in this very charged up environment is the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Glifford. Her crime? She supported the 'Healthcare bill' of President Obama and she is a democratic congress woman is a heavily conservative republican area. She was shot in her head while she was meeting her supporters in her hometown. As per various news sources, the assassin came from behind.

How cowardly can you get?.....

About 6 people ended up getting killed in the shootout and the congresswoman is admitted in the local hospital and is in critical condition.

America is a young democracy and do not have the emotional maturity to handle a fundamental shift in the political environment. As long as the president is white american, the things are fine. We are good, broadminded, god fearing people. But the moment the color of the president changes? Some of us turn into these intolerant and vitriolic human beings.

Oh, come on, this country is deep in debt. The per capita income is 33070 USD while the per capita debt is about 44000 USD. At about 5% savings rate, it will take 27 years for each individual to pay back the debt. Compare this with India whose per capita income is USD 1040 and the Per capita debt is about USD 450.

Papa don't preach.....

By voting for Barrack Obama, the US electorate set a very brave and noble example to the whole world. The people of the country earned a new respect in the eyes of individuals like me who was deeply and emotionally involved in the process. However it was distressing to find that in the recent election to Congress many American's voted republican. I think that this result is more of a 'Post Decision Dissonence'. Having voted for a black president, many Americans are now wanting to go back to the emotional safety of a white political paradigm.

Homeopaths across the globe say that to get the best benefits out of Homeopathy, you have to continue taking the medicine despite the initial discomfort. The initial discomfort is the result of body expelling a lot of toxins. Similarly, in my opinion, US should continue the progressive path that it has choosen during the presidential elections in 2008. That is the only way for the US to attain moral superiority. A morally superior US is fundamentally essential to the global fight against terrorism and to create a healthy comity of nations.

In case US succumbs to 'Post Decision Dissonance'. countries like India and China who, throughout their centuries of history, have seen many ups and downs, may not be affected much. But that will leave US very week and will spell disaster for many of the youung nations who are looking to emulate US.

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