13 May 2012

You have to state it to get it...

I had just landed in Bangalore at midnight from one of my tiring overseas trips, desperately wanting to reach home and get to the bed. 
The cab driver turned out to be chatty. "Which country did you visit, sir?" he asked.
"Egypt", replied I
"It should be fun travelling to all those countries, isn't it?" he asked.
I concurred.
"I wish I will be able to travel in an aircraft one day" he said
"What you have done now is to express your wish to the universe. Now that you have expressed it, the universe will ensure that your wish is fulfilled", I told him. 
"I don't know how I will achieve this wish. Air travel will require a lot of money. I don't get that kind of money driving this taxi", he told me.
"The world is filled with people who do not express what they want. They assume that they will not get what they want and hence do not express their wishes. There are only few people in the world who express what they want. Just now, you have become one of them. You have now placed your order with the universe. Now it is the responsibility of the universe to make your wish come true", I told him.
"You make me feel optimistic, sir. I hope I will travel by air one day. If I travel, I will remember you. Now that I think of it, you are correct. Most of my friends want a lot but they do not express it for the fear that they will not get it.", the driver responded thoughtfully.
"The reverse is also true. Sometimes people do not express what they want for the fear that they will get it", I pointed out.
"I don't understand this sir, why should people fear that they will get what they want?" queried the cabbie
"Let us take an example. Suppose you want 3 Crore rupees. The moment you think of it, you are worried that if you get it, you will have to deal with a lot of people, relatives, criminals, tax people...In your mind you are not comfortable or are so scared of getting what you want that you do not express your wants to the universe", I told him.
"You are probably right sir", responded the Cabbie dubiously. He could understand someone not expressing what they want because they feel that they will not get it, but he couldn't understand someone not expressing what they want because they are scared that they will get it. 
I was telling this incident to my friend Abhinandan. Then he told me the story of his friend.
Abhi and his friend were classmates in Engineering college. Toward the end of their college days all the students were busy preparing their CVs and circulating them to all the companies that came to the Campus.
His friend also prepared his CV. However on top of the CV he wrote this statement. "Please consider this CV only for US opportunities."
All the students felt that it was a stupid move. They felt that as such it is difficult for a student to get any job and their friend was spoiling his chances by restricting the companies that may be interested in his CV.
They told the friend to modify the CV and make it generic. But the friend stuck to his CV. He was very clear that he wanted only a US job opportunity. He was not interested in any other opportunity.
The rest is predictable. SAP recruited him, trained him on some module and posted him in the US. He was the first student from their college to go to US.
Of course, many other students of his batch also ultimately reached US, but after navigating a lot thru different companies in India. 
Friends, this is the power of expressed, stated wishes. To get something you have to follow two steps. 
Step One, want it passionately
Step Two, verbalize your want to the Universe
Let the universe work out how to get you what you want. It is the expert at getting people what they want.

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