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07 October 2012

Can you believe this?

In response to a series of rape cases coming out of Haryana, this Khap Panchayat member says that it is the movies and TV that is leading to all these sexual assaults. His solution? Get the girls married by the age of 16 so that their sexual needs will be fulfilled.

It is the movies and the TV. It has nothing to do with a bunch of narrow-minded and jealous old people, trying to impose their will on their younger generation. It has got nothing to do with the fact that Haryana has some the lowest female / male ratio in the country. It has got nothing to do with the fact that there is a huge generational and aspirational difference between the young and the old.

The current spate of news and opportunity availability information is adding fuel to the volatile situation. The current generation is much more informed and hence think differently. And the previous generation is not able to accept that the younger generation may be better and smarter. So get them married young. That will solve the problem

Wait a minute, there is a serial in TV called 'Balika Vadhu' (Child Bride).

You know, it may be the TV and the movies to blame, after all...

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