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26 October 2012

Do We Deserve?.... Part 3:The Stench City...

First it was called 'Garden City' and 'Pensioner's Paradise'.

Then they called it 'IT City' and 'Silicon Valley of India' for the plethora of IT Multinationals that started up from here. All the big names in IT including Oracle, Infosys, name them, they have office here in this city. 

Yes boss, we are talking about Bangalore, capital of the great state of Karnataka.

Of late this city is becoming famous for something else. Something not very good. Something that make Bangaloreans curse the city officials.

Bangalore is stinking..

Yes, they are having big problem finding landfills to fill the Garbage of Bangalore. The one landfill available was on the outskirts of the city. The villagers near the landfill has protested and so the city council has stopped dumping garbage in the landfill. 

It stands to reason that the council should have foreseen this eventuality and had taken the necessary precaution and planned earlier. After all they charge taxes thru the nose. This is one of the richest city corporation in the country.

There is property tax, there is road tax, there is fuel tax, there is tax on tax...

But it seems there is no money to buy sufficient incinerators. 

There is no place to dump the garbage. So it piles up. And stinks.

The other day, I went via the Banasankari Market at Sarakki gate. It was fascinating to watch respectable and polite Bangalore ladies walking by covering their noses with their Sarees and gentlemen with their handkerchiefs.

This brings us to the question. Why did this happen? 

All the great cities in the world have efficient waste disposal and solid waste management systems. Why can't we follow their footsteps. Landfills have become passe. The trend is towards the use of technology in Solid Waste management.

And this city council has let the issue rot (literally)

It is not that nothing is being done. In our apartment complex, for example, we are segregating the garbage into three categories, dry waste, west waste and recyclables. We segregate the garbage into three separate groups and the collection mechanism is different for each. We are also planning to install waste recycling mechanism and the target is to have 'Zero Waste' by the end of next year.

Indian Civilization was the first to have scientific waste disposal system in the form of sewers and drains found in the ruins of Harappa and Mohanjo Daro. That was about 5000 years ago. The question to ask is, why, we the pioneers of waste management from time immemorial, are struggling with Waste Management in the 21st Century? 

And stink our city.


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