16 October 2012

Power of three ......

Note: Oracle uses TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) extensively in their internal communications. This article was written when I was working with Oracle.

Friends, I have a theory. In our company we have a special affinity for the number three. Where ever you look, you see the three letter words ..…

The effect of number three in our organization starts innocuously with the name of the organization itself.  Once it starts there, there is no end to the impact of this number in this organization.

Who is our new Boss? NAG

What is he?  He is the LOB head

We have the SCM Competency

We have the CRM Competency

We have the HCM Competency

As if this was not enough, we combine them to an SCH Pillar.

Talking of pillars, we also have the FIN Pillar….

We make money selling our consulting services. Have you ever noticed the kind of services that we sell?

We sell the EBS Service, the JDE Service, AMS service, XPS service and the E2O service.

To deliver these services we have the DBA team, the AIA team, the ODI team, the SOA team, the EAI team and the PIP Team, in addition to the SCM, the HCM and CRM teams.

Our CEMs sell our solutions and services to customers in LAD, WCE and MEA. We have the SDMs to manage the service delivery.

To provide us internal support, we have the PMO team, the SQA team and OPS team

Previously we had the RPMs, RDMs and an E2E service. But thankfully after the reorg, that is three three letter words less to remember.

By the way, talking of E2E (End to End Services) doesn’t the name remind us of the movie ‘Quayamat se Quayamat tak’

Nowhere our love for ‘Three letter words’ is demonstrated more than in the way we manage our internal applications.  We have the OSO and the OFO where we track the Proposals and the order bookings. We track the delivery in DTS and resource allocations in EPM. We use GPA to book time and expenses.

Have trouble booking time? Raise a support request with GIT.

Need access to mailing-list? Raise a request in APS.

When it comes to projects delivery, the PM is neck deep  in 3 letter words. The Bid gets transitioned to him in BTM after which he has to prepare an MOM and circulate it to stakeholders. After the BTM, the PM prepares a PEP and RAW and present it in the KOM after which he has to circulate the MOM.

We have the PMO and the SQA to keep the PM on his toes. Every month, the PM has one PPR session with the PMO and SQA to update them on the project status.

Got deliverables to release in your project? Get a peer review done and complete the RCL

Got an issue in the project? Did you do CAR? How many CARs did you do in your project?

Need to charge the customer? Get the POC from OPS team and send it to customer.

This is an organization where a failure to update ETC or EAC will get you a RAG update in DTS from PMO. And as if that is not enough, you will get an NCR from QA team during the audit.

Project is over. Mr.Project Manager, Have you completed the AAR?

How do the organization track your performance? By checking if you are adhering to WIGs.

We develop managers thru MDP and leaders thru LDP

Even in our physical layout we can see the impact of three. We are spread across three floors in PTP (Another three…)

Our culture manager’s name, UMA, has three letters. She has the right name for the right organization.

And how many pledges that the team has asked us to take? Any guesses? That’s right… Three pledges.

And finally, even external agencies recognize out affinity for three. That is why they have given our organization  CMM level 3 (there three again….) certification.

May be we need to use more four letter words ( I was thinking of  OPAS. What were you thinking?) to move to the next level…

Friends, I rest my case….

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