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02 December 2012

Quick retributions....

They say that while the god sees every bad thing that happens around, but when it comes to delivering quick punishments, he is somewhat slipshod.

Examples abound.

You see corrupt people become richer with corruption. You see people taking advantage of the poor, without getting even as much as a minimalistic punishment in return. You see bad things happen all around, but do the perpetrators get any punishment, let alone quick?

No way. In fact corrupt become richer and leading luxurious lifestyles.

One is justified in asking, where is god? Where are the justifiable retributions that these guys so richly deserve?

When it comes to these people, god is notoriously lenient and laid-back.

However, when it comes to minor misdemeanor on my part, the almighty is always quick with his retributions. It is almost as if he is like my wife / boss, ready to pounce on my smallest of mistakes.

Else, how can you explain the following cases?

The other day, I was taking my son to an exam that he had to write. He had kept water bottle in his bag and at the gate, he opened the bag to take out his hall ticket for the exam and the water bottle tumbled out.

I got irritated. "Be careful when you open the bag. Ensure that nothing tumbles out", I scolded him. 

(Boy, ain't I glad I am not in Norway. In that good old country, people have been jailed for crimes minor.)

He didn't say a word. In fact, I am sure he did not even bother to listen to my admonitions.

But, there was someone else up there who was listening. 

After about 5 minutes, I opened my laptop bag to take out a book to read, lo and behold, my laptop fell down from the bag on to the concrete road below.

Did you see that? It was as quick a retribution as you can get for a very minor transgression.

Or take another case.

I was in Bangalore airport, early morning on a Monday, waiting to board my 7.30 (AM, mind you) flight to Mumbai. Having got up very early, (Bangalore airport being quite a good distance from my house), and it being a Monday morning, needless to say, I was not in one of those dandy, pleasant and affable moods of mine.

One of the great things about Bangalore airport is the spread of breakfast options that is available. You have everything from Continental, to North Indian, and South Indian cuisines available. One of the greatest food options available is 'Grab and Fly' where, by paying about 70 rupees (about 1.5 Dollars), you can get  a sumptuous breakfast of 'Mini Idly and Sambar (Smallish rise dumplings in Spiced Lentil)' or 'Upma (Coarse Wheat / Corn flour boiled in Onions and Chilli [Boy, I am good at this])'. Both options are delicious. 

Especially the Upma.

I stood in the 'Grab and Fly' line. At the counter, I asked and got the Upma.

While my order was getting ready, the guy behind me in the line also asked for Upma.

"Sorry sir Upma is over. You can take the Idly", said the genial guy at the counter (I am joking. No one can be genial early morning on a Monday. Grumpy is more like it).

I was proud that I got Upma and the next guy didn't. I felt as if I have won the competition. I gave him a sympathetic look, like I was Obama and he was Romney.

"Do you want Ghee?" asked the waiter to me.

What the heck. Even though I was on a diet and was exercising and never add Ghee to Upma, I thought it is worth giving a shot.

He added the ghee. The Upma was smelling delicious. I thought that the smell of the Ghee in the Upma will make the loser even more disappointed.

That thought made me happier.

With elaborate ritual (adding some sugar, carefully picking the spoon and fork). I brought the Upma to my seat. Preliminary to eating, I added sugar and made a show of deliberately and casually mixing the sugar in Ghee laden Upma. All the time casually looking around the airport for any acquaintances.

Cool guy preparing to have his breakfast, if you see what I mean.

Just as I was about to take in my first morsel into my saliva filled mouth.....

My hand hit the side of the plate and spilled the Upma all over. The ground, chair, the newspaper... There was Upma everywhere.

To add insult to injury, the white coconut chutney fell all over my black trousers.

What a mess.

A few moments ago, I was guilty of being filled with hubris. The guy above saw it, didn't like it, and gave me a quick retribution.

Why is it that when it comes to me, the retributions are swift, while when it comes to many others (Kalmadi, Bhanot etc for instance), the punishments are slow and never arriving?

Where is the justice, my good god? 

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