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05 December 2012

The good, bad and the ugly...05-Dec-12

The Good

This is an article from today's Hindu Business Line that made me proud of being an Indian.

The author is Ashley J Tellis, who was a member of George Bush's negotiating team, who negotiated the Indo US Nuclear Treaty, in UPA 1 (that was so long ago). If you remember, that treaty gave India so much benefits in exchange of so little to be provided in return. That was vintage Manmohan Singh and that was the treaty that brought about the victory for UPA in the 2009 elections. Mr.Tellis is obviously a great fan of India and its people. He talks about how India, a multi racial, multi ethnic, multi lingual, multi cultural and a diverse country has defied so much of negative perceptions and has gone on to create one of the 20th Centuries greatest integration achievement. He paints a very bright future for our country. 

Then the bad.

This story  again in the same newspaper made a sad reading.

This article is written by Mr.B S Raghavan, who is a well known, regular contributor, who writes the 'Offhand' Column for HBL, give different examples of how India is poor in identifying and nurturing talent. He gives examples of Srinivas Ramanujan, a low paid clerk in Tamil Nadu, how was identified and nurtured by Professor Hardy, and who thrived in the beneficial environs of England, to become one of the foremost mathematicians of his time. Mr.Raghavan rues the fact that while it is India the country that gave west the concept of' Jugaad (low cost innovation), it is very poor when it comes to harnessing that potential and convert it into a movement that can significantly change the direction of the country. Mr.Raghavan, illustrates the point by citing the  article on 'Hole In the Wall', written by Sekhar Kapur, where he talks of a small mobile repair place in the bylanes of Delhi, who repaired his Blackberry in 6 minutes flat !. In other countries, such innovation would have been identified, publicised and even converted to some kind of startup with lines of VCs available for financing. But not in India...

I agree with Mr.Raghavan that while we have abundance of talent, we as Indians do a poor job of harnessing that talent in a systematic manner.

What a waste....

And the ugly....

And finally, this story made me depressed

This article is written by KAROLOS GROHMANN for the Stuff, New Zealand. I choose this site for the simple reason to see how foreign media views this news. As per the article, The IOA has been directed by a Delhi court to hold the elections adhering to the government's sports code, while the IOC wants the governing body to abide by the Olympic charter.'.

The IOC has been angered by government interference in the elections and had warned the IOA in a letter of a possible suspension.

Kuwait which was also facing a ban, escaped the same by amending the Country's law.

What is the impact of this ban?

The ban means an effective end to funding from the IOC to the national Olympic committee (IOA), no Indian officials attending Olympic meetings and Indian athletes banned from competing at the Olympics under their country's flag.

I did not realize the full significance of this development, until I heard Vijender Singh on the TV today. 

According to him, this ban means that "I will not be able to stand on Olympic Podium carrying Tricolour". 

This is the dream of every sports person and for which he devotes an entire lifetime. And this has been denied by a set of corrupt politicians and their cronies. I can't even begin to imagine the magnitude of the effects of this ban on the Indian Sports persons.

While all the other countries are trying their best to invest in their Sports infrastrucure and win medals in International competitions, here is a ridiculous situation where we can't even do the the basic things right. In other countries, the Sports administrators works for the betterment of Sports and Sports persons, in this country, the Sports persons work for the betterment of Sports administrators. 

A classic case of putting a cart before the horse. 

I am proud of our sports persons in our country. Here, the dedicated sports persons and coaches, almost work entirely on their own, with their hands tied behind their back, go and win medals in international events. Imagine the kind of stuff they can achieve if the administrative apparatus is there to support them wholeheartedly.

A sad state of affair. 

Politicians, get out of my Sports

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