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31 March 2013

13 Action Items for 2013

It is a bit late in 2013. Here are 13 action items that I will be putting into practice in 2013.

  1. Pray five minutes every day before going to bed
  2. Meditate for five minutes every day between 5.55 and 6.00 AM
  3. Read two self-help books every month
  4. Spent lots of time with family. 
  5. Spent quality time with my son helping him to do well in his studies 
  6. Work very, very hard. Work to my fullest potential
  7. Plan and review: I will spend two hours every Sunday preparing Weekly plan. Prepare to do list and follow it up rigorously. Before going to bed, review the plans for the next day. 80 Percent of my time will be spent only on planned activities every day.
  8. Go to Gym every day from 6.15 AM to 7.30 AM. To ensure that I exercise everyday, I will carry my Gym Shoes wherever I travel.
  9. Eat well: I will eat at least one fruit every day, eat only 'Sattvik' food.
  10. Write at least two blog posts in my professional blog ( and personal blog (this blog) every week
  11. Review and update my Linkedin Profile once a month.
  12. Prepare Budget and Cut spending. Get a mail approval from self before spending more than 1000 rupees. Plan for any expense above 1000 rupees.
  13. I will always think positive and maintain my sense of humour. I will repel negativism all the time.

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