27 April 2013

Shrodinger's Cat...

What is Shrodinger's Cat? Ever heard of it?
In 1935, Austrian Physicist, Erwin Shrodinger came up with a thought experiment. 
Let us say that you put a cat inside a box with a vial of Hydrocynic acid which opens based on a random event. Once the vial breaks, the cat is dead. 
Since the vial breaks based on a random event, the question is: 
At any point in time is the Cat alive or dead?
The answer is that we are not sure until the box is opened. 
What is the relevance of Shrodingers' cat to a blog on Personal Growth?
I recently moved to Mumbai. I live in Koparkhairne and on multiple Sundays I wanted to go to see different places in Mumbai. But I was not sure of the route, not sure of which bus to take, not sure of .....
So I kept putting off weeks after weeks.
Finally I ventured out about two weeks ago and the experience was very pleasant. I enjoyed the bus ride, I enjoyed the crowd, I enjoyed the walks, the local train....
I understood that Bombay was a lot of fun only when I started venturing out. 
That is Shrodingers' cat there. Till you open the box, you don't know if the cat is alive. Till you go out you don't know that Bombay is fun.
Another example. I was always scared of taking responsibility of the work of others. I always worried about taking a leadership role. Due to this fear, I moved from one individual consulting assignment to another. Recently I decided to take the plunge. I joined a company as the Head of IT.
Now I see that I have a flair for the job and I am enjoying the work and the role. I am having so many positive changes to my personality and I am learning something new everyday.
Now I am wondering why I did not opt for such roles earlier. I had the required credentials for the job, but the fear of taking responsibility made me to keep putting it off.
When I got another opportunity, finally I decided to make that leap. I am happy that I took it even though it involved some personal sacrifices. If I had not taken that leap, I would still carry the fear of responsibility in my mind.
There is your cat. Till I opened the box, I did not know if it is alive. Till  I took up the assignment, I did not know if I was capable of handling it. 
Till you venture, you don't know if you can run your business
Till you run, you wont know if you can run a Marathon
Till you go for classes, you wont know if you are IT Savvy
Till you go for it, you wont know if you can do cross-country cycling
Till you do it, you wont know if you can do it.
Till you open the box, you wont know if the cat is alive.
So, if you are doubtful about doing anything, think of Shrodinger and his cat. Remember that you wont know what you are capable of until you try.


Maverick V said...

nice post buddy..

Ramaswamy V K said...

Thanks a lot for your comments Maverick.