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05 August 2013

Some awesome PGW comparisons...

P G Wodehouse is the master of comparisons. Here are a few ones that I had noted down during my years of reading the great author.

"I ate with all the enthusiasm of a tiger in a jungle tucking into its ration of coolie"

"Like a camel arriving at an Oasis after a long journey through the desert"

"He couldn't have been more emotional if he had been a big shot in the foreign office and I a heavily veiled woman diffusing a strange exotic scent whom he had caught getting away with the naval treaty"

"Blasted slimey creeping crawling serpent"

"He looked like a small time gangster with a painful gumboil"

"She uttered a sound rather like an elephant taking its foot out of a mud hole in the Burmese teak forest"

"Legged it like a nymph surprised while bathing"

"His air was who, if he had said 'Hello, girls' would have said it like someone in Russian Drama announcing that Grandpa had hanged himself in the barn"

"The general effect is that of an angel that eats a lot of yeast"

"There are six types of hangovers. The broken compass, the sewing machine, the comet, the atomic, the cement mixer and the gremlin boogie"

"Cry so little stifled that it rang through the room like the death rattle of a hundred expiring hyenas"

"Set expression on my tense face, rather like a starving wolf giving the russian peasant a once-over"

"Madder than bullpup entangled in a flypaper"

"Fish faced trailing Arbutus"

"Gurgling like a leaky radiator"

"Being occupied for the nonce making voices like wounded buffalo"

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