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05 October 2013

10 Principles of Conservatism....

I found this article very interesting.
As you know, there are two political parties in the United States, the Republicans and the Democrats. The philosophies of both these parties are founded on a set of core principles.
For conservatives, the bible is the 10 Commandments of a true Conservative, an article written by Russel Kirk.
One of the reasons why United States is able to adjust rapidly to changing times is that the philosophies of both parties are based on a set of core principles. Like the above.
When reading it, I wish we in India also had some such core principles or ideologies around which moderate people like me can coalesce. For example, what is the fundamental principle of Congress Party?. It has moved on from Pure Socialism to Capitalism without batting an eyelid.
The two ideology based parties in India are BJP and Communists. Both these ideologies are too strong and radical for me to digest. 
Some may say that it is good not to have principles that may bind us from reacting to swiftly changing times. However, we also cannot ignore the fact that without a principled ideology and philosophy, we cannot hope to encourage more people to take up public life. 
We are very lucky that we have a 5000 year old civilization with  set of principles and guidelines for behavior. What Carl Jung called 'Collective Unconscious' guides our principles / policies and even our day to day lives. Imagine what our life would have been if we were a young civilization like the United States with out any moral compass to guide us !!
I dread the thought !!

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