24 October 2013

30 Days 30 Veggies: Day7: Banana (Vazhakkai) Thoran

There are four kinds of vegetable preparations specific to my state, Kerala in India.

1. Thoran: This is a dry preparation of vegetables cooked with grated coconut mix. Coconut give a flavour to the vegetables and keep the vegetable cubes separate from each other.

2. Mezhukkupuratti: This tongue twister of a name simply means 'Coverd with oil'. This uses more oil than the thoran and is normally prepared without coconut. Oil covers the vegetables and act as a separator. This is also mostly dry. Check out my recipe for Day 6

3. Upperi: This is pure fry in Oil. These are called 'Chips' in English

4. Koottu: This is a vegetable preparation with gravy. It uses less oil and more water. Normally the vegetables are prepared with lentils and socked in Coconut gravy. Since it uses less oil, it is normally very healthy.

I had some coconut at home and decided to prepare Raw Banana Fry. It was the first time that I was preparing this and it turned out to be pretty good.


1. Raw Bananas: 2 numbers cut into small cubes
2. Haldi (Turmeric) powder: A pinch
3. Salt: To taste.

Boil the above three together till banana turns softish. Drain excess water.

4. Coconut Grated: Two Spoons
5. Cumin seeds: A pinch
6. Ginger: Small piece

Dry grind coarsely these three in a grinder. Keep aside.

7. Onion Chopped: 1/4th of a cup
8. Mustard seeds: A pinch
9. Red Chilli: 2-3 for garnishing
10. Curry leaves: 5-6
11. Oil: 2 Tablespoons
12. Chilly powder


1. Heat the oil in a pan.
2. Once oil is hot add the mustard and let it splutter
3. Add the Red Chilly and the curry leaves and saute for 30 Seconds
4 Add Chopped Onion and and chilly powder (you can also use pepper powder) Saute till Onion turns Golden brown
5. Add the boiled Banana and the Coconut mixture
6. Cook in medium flame for about 10 minutes
7. Banana Thoran is ready to eat !!

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