16 October 2013

How do you live the five secrets of life?

I recommend that you read the following posts before reading this one.

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In the above six posts, we read an overview of the book 'Five secrets you must discover before you die' by John Izzo. The author identifies and elaborates on the five secrets and explains what it means to discover each secret. 

The secrets themselves are not rocket science. This wisdom was available since ages. However the value of the book lies in displaying to the readers examples from some of the people who have lived these secrets. If they can, so can we.

So how do we live the secrets? (And this is applicable for any good habits. How do we create and continue good habits?)

Mr.Izzo tells us about three approaches. We can follow any of the approach as convenient.

1. Awareness - Experimentation
Create small notes of 5-6 action points that you want to inculcate in your life style. For example, you may want to 'Lead a healthy lifestyle'. Write this in a piece of note card and keep it in you pocket. About 20 times in a day, take out the cards and read them. By continuous awareness, you will incrementally change your lifestyle leading to major long-term benefits

2. Ask yourselves questions
This approach followed by management guru Marshall Goldsmith is to ask yourselves specific questions at the end of each day relating to lifestyle changes that you want to incorporate.The questions should be of 'Yes/No' type. Whatever is the answer, do not be judgmental. For example, if your goal is to write one blog post a day, you will ask yourself, 'Did you write one blog post today?'. The principle behind this approach is that the questions will remind you as to what you consider important for you. And since no one like to answer 'No', you will end up doing what you planned to do.

3. Create rituals
The third approach that the author discusses to live the secrets is to create rituals in your life. Unlike the other two approaches that are motivation to action, rituals are non-judgmental set of actions that one performs on a regular basis. We do follow rituals in our daily life. The author exhorts us to incorporate rituals like daily meditation, prayer, reflection of days events etc into our daily life for excellent long-term results.

Thats it!! With this I end the blog series on the Five secrets. I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Wish all my readers a purposeful life !!! 

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