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19 October 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly: 19-Oct-2013

There are a few 'Goods' today....

The Good: Mumbai gets the tallest Air Traffic Controller (ATC) says the NDTV. At 84 meters, this is the tallest ATC in India and is located at Chhatrapati Sivaji International Airport (CSIA). This will replace the current 64 meter high ATC at the airport. With this the landing capacity at airport will increase from current 30 aircraft / hour to 46 aircraft / hour...

This is a proud moment for us. With GVK having taken over the CSIA, the Airport has been attaining laurels after laurels. In 2011-12, this airport was identified as the third best airport in the world (Carrying 30-40 Million Passengers) behind Incheon Airport at Seoul and our own Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), New Delhi. This is as per the independent survey conducted by Airports Council International (ACI).

Back in 2002, I remember writing about the pathetic states of airports in India after my first ever International Trip to Pudong in China. On the way, I had spent some time at Changi Airport in Singapore. After the experience at Changi (and even Pudong, it was a new airport at that time), landing at Bangalore was a big let down. The airport was filled with seedy looking customs officials, with rule books in their hands, looking lecherously at each passenger to see who is the most pliable to extortion.

It is exhilarating that we have come a long, long way from those pathetic times in the last 10 years. Due to privatization, our Airports are more neater and cleaner, more grand looking, the staff is more courteous and efficient (even Air India Staff !!), the services are of international standards, the cuisine multi-faceted...

These are great times to be an airline passenger in India...

The Good: Sensex up by about 400 points. It is a three year high for Indian Markets

The world markets are cheering the end of shutdown and averting of the Debt Crisis in the USA. The average american has no idea of the impact of their actions across the world. US being the leader of the world has a special responsibility. They have to live up to that. Else world will suffer.

The Good: This CPI(M) leader sleeps on a bed of cash

He is a Communist Party Leader in the state of Tripura. He has made money doing honest business. His dream was to sleep on a bed of cash. He withdrew Rs.20 Lakhs in cash and made a bed of all that cash.

This would have been hilarious, if it were not so surreal. I like his guts, though. Very few communist party leaders will confess to being rich from doing business. Bourgeois and all that stuff...

This guy will become an inspiration to many more young people who have been taught by communists that doing business and becoming rich are evil

The Bad: The Witchhunt of Ashok Khemka

Haryana Government is on a witchhunt against one of its own IAS Officers, Ashok Khemka, for 'Causing Loss to the Public'. The Government has charged Mr.Khemka 'of failing to meet the targets that were set for the sale of seeds while he was Managing Director of the state-run Haryana Seeds Development Corporation.'

It would have been hilarious if it was not sad. When was the last time you heard Government of Sacking a bureaucrat for 'Failing to meet targets'. They do it (fail to meet targets) almost everyday!!. The charge is that Government is penalizing Mr.Khemka for cancelling a land deal between Mr.Robert Vadra and the DLF group. 

Will these hurt or help Congress in the elections? I think that this will hurt them, especially if it lingers on. These instances will keep 'Corruption' as top of the mind agenda for people. That can only hurt UPA in the elections

The Ugly...

This still happens in India....It is sickening.

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