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20 October 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly: 20-Oct-2013

I was busy the entire day, so got around to updating this blog only now.

The Good: Chanda Kochhar of ICICI Bank ranked 4th in the Forbes Global List of Women Business Leaders.
This is great news for all the women leaders in India. While Ms.Kochhar is ranked 4th, the surprise Indian entrant is Ms.Chitra Ramakrishna, who is the head of National Stock Exchange, who is ranked 17th. Other Indians in the list are Ms.Shikha Sarma of Axis Bank and Ms.Naina Lal Kidwai of Ficci.
Good work ladies...Keep going.

This is the story of the family of the girl, S.Alagu, who have topped the MSc course from MS University, Tirunelveli with an astounding 4 Gold Medal, a feat none has achieved before...
She comes from an illustrious family of high achievers, father, mother, sister...all of them are / were toppers in their respective fields.
Excellence runs in families...
Congratulations, Ms.Alagu, keep up the good work...

This is the story of Apurva Gilche, who works as a pilot with Indigo Airlines. The story of her transformation from a Cabin Crew of Indigo to Cockpit as a Commercial Pilot makes for fascinating read.
From childhood, she dreamt of becoming a pilot. She did not allow small hiccups like lack of funds stop her.
I regularly fly Indigo. I can see that the airline is also very proud of her. As they should be.
Way to go lady...

Today seems to be Ladies Day Out...

This straight out of the Hindi Movie 'Darr', where Shahrukh is stalking Juhi Chawla. This guy has been stalking this girl and was warned by the Police in this connection. He laid low for two months, again stalked her, allegedly forced her to drink acid and try to push her into sea. Fortunately the passersby heard her screams and saved her.
The stalker has been arrested...
Strange are the ways of the human mind.

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