28 October 2013

Why brilliant minds are avoiding Govt. Sector?

Caveat: The views expressed here are my personal views. Only contribution from my relative was the information that they are getting Rs.200 per day as Stay allowance in Mysore for attending the symposium. This was written in 2008, I think. Now things may have changed.

One of my relatives and her husband work for the most high profile Government Department in India, in one of the premier Centers in India. They have been there for the last 15 years and more. Both are highly qualified, he with an MTech and she is a PhD with Masters in Nuclear Physics.

She has had a number of articles published in various international journals and both are respected for their contribution to the organization.

Recently they came to Mysore to attend a symposium organized by the Mysore University and sponsored by the department.

Do you know how much is their per day allowance on staying in a hotel? A measely 200.00 per day. That is right, just Rs.200. Anything beyond that, they have to pay from their pocket. Where can you get a hotel accommodation for two at Rs.200 per day, please tell me? In Bangalore, the minimum rate in a decent hotel with bare minimum necessities is around 2000 per day. Here the company gives them Rs. 200. They might as well not give any money at all.

What nonsense? Is this the way you treat some of the country's brilliant minds working for a premier institution of which all Indians are proud of? Can't you see that the country has changed significantly? At a time when a college grad with a basic degree and good English speaking skills can get a job at 7 lakhs per annum in a place like Coimbatore, is it fair to treat these highly qualified people so cheaply? I remember, when I got out of Engineering college, getting into this Organization was as difficult as getting into IIT. I tried two times and failed. I am now glad that I failed to get in.

This has been the problem with the Govt. services right from beginning. The practice started from the time india adopted the 'Socialist' model of development (?) which saw people like my relative as 'exploiters' and hence to be 'taken care of ' by providing the bare necessities. It was ok so long as jobs were not available in plenty as was the case in those days. But now the things have changed significantly. There are much more opportunities available. Especially for minds such as these. I am sure that if they were in any other country they would have been treated with much more respect and gratitude than being treated in this most demeaning way in our own country.

Tail Piece: I understand that these Organizations are finding it very difficult to recruit new trainees and are facing an acute talent shortage in the lower and middle levels. 

I wonder why?.....

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