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01 November 2013

My 300th Blogpost: A milestone

My post on Failed Project was my 300th post in my blog !!

Like your age, or your experiences that creep up on you unobtrusively, my 300th post came without any announcement, without any fanfare.

I have been regularly posting my blog posts and there it is !! . My 300th Post.

My year wise number of posts are as below.

I started blogging in December 2005. You could say that I was one of the early bloggers in India. In the initial days, I did not give a lot of thought to blogging. As my 301st post will tell you tomorrow, I was extremely busy in a project in the year 2006. Hence my posts were very rare. That is an overstatement. In 2006 my posts were zero.

I did 54 posts in 2007, most of them earlier in the year. In the middle of 2007, I joined a new company. Since I did not know the blog policies of the company, I decided not to take risks and not to post in my blog.

In the year 2008, I went to Bogota, Colombia and most of my posts written from that country. I enjoyed Bogota and my posts reflect the affection that I felt for that country.

You can checkout my posts on Bogota here.

I also had a couple of posts from the USA, which I visited in 2012 and one from UK, which I wrote in 2007.

2009, 10 and 11 were a lull because I was busy with my project work. Well, that is a silly excuse. I did not write, period.

Somewhere in 2012, I started writing a series on 'Tribute to My Batchmates'. This was on the lines of the book 'The Class' written by Erich Segal. I was a part of Class of '81-'86 of Government Engineering Collage, Trichur, Kerala. I wanted to write about how my batchmates were faring after 25 years. The story is mostly positive, I don't like to write negative and hurt people. This is an ongoing project.

Couple of my recent posts got published in the 'Spicy Saturday' feature in  Blogadda, one was on 'Gym Perspectives' and the other one on 'Ice Cream Sandwich'. I enjoyed writing them.

Many of the posts, like this one, just came out on to the page smoothly. Those are the posts that I enjoyed writing and also which the readers liked. Where I have laboured to complete a post, neither I had the satisfaction of writing nor my readers had the joy of reading...

Somewhere in 2012, I changed the focus of my blog to personal growth. I renamed my blog to 'Grow Together' from the earlier 'Thoughts out of the Box', to show this focus. 

I also see that the best blogposts are written from the heart, with feelings and emotion. The moment I distance myself from the emotion of the experience, I write bad. 

I also enjoy writing about people, about books (Check out my section on Book Reviews) and cooking. Currently I am in the middle of a project to cook thirty different Vegetable dishes in thirty days. You can read about my recipes and emotions in My Cookbook.

The key task for me going forward is to tag my blogs more scientifically. Each post should have the correct tag so that cross-referencing becomes easy.

I also missed some key posts in my blog. I remember reading about the horrible Josef Fritzl episode when I was in Bogota. I was devastated by the cruelty and depravity shown by Mr.Fritzl. Regretfully, I did not write anything about that incident. That was one key miss.

Similarly the Satyam Scandal. I purchased Shares of Satyam at a price of 13 and sold it off at about 100, but I did not write about the scandal even though I followed the case very closely.

That's it for now. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy writing my blog. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it...

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