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20 December 2013

I don't like "Comedy Nights with Kapil"

I like "Comedy Nights with Kapil"
This program airs on Colours TV, every Sunday Nights at 11.00 PM. I normally watch it on Youtube.
As I said above, I like the show. It brings a freshness into the Comedy Shows in India which are full of Loud Noise, Ugly Antics and too much of canned laughter. Most of the artists produce humour by making fun of themselves and their looks and by lowering their self-respect. 
I don't want to name any names. You know who they are.
Into this pantheon of bleak humour, comes this refreshing show. The program touts itself as a family show and the cast goes all out to make it so (Sometimes, you can see that they are trying their best to hide their crass instincts). There is fun, there is audience involvement, there are some very pretty and smart guests, there is Siddhu with his witticisms...
And there is Kapil...
Kapil Sharma brings a different perspective to humour. His humour is spontaneous and verbal. He looks at everything with a freshness that is very catchy. The show runs on his shoulders. He keeps the show together.
The humour is clean, it is spontaneous and it is ubiquitous in the show.
There is one thing that I dislike in the show.
The only flaw in the show is its use of female stereotypes. Many a times, Kapil uses the typical Indian stereotype of women to generate humour. Be it always pointing out the age of his 'Buwa' (brilliant Upasana Singh as Bhuwa), be it making fun of the big lips of his wife (Sumona Chakravarti as Kapil's wife), be it always putting down his wife in search of humour, the stereotyping is ugly and humour is crass...
To his credit, Kapil always puts down guests who make fun of their womenfolk. In a recent episode, he made fun of a husband who was belittling his wife. In another episode, he chastised a man who said that he wanted a son 'to take care of his business', when he already had two daughters. Kapil immediately took offense to that comment. 
That is good. I liked it. But such episodes are few and far between.
What is ever present in the show is the continuous put down of the women in the cast in search of laughter from the audience. Sometimes, even the broad-minded Siddhu falls into this trap.
And that stereotyping is bad...
That is why I dislike parts of this show.

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