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22 March 2015

Six behavioral patterns that can make you a winner.....

There are six behavioral characteristics that can separate winners from losers. While these points have been discussed ad nauseam in internet articles, here is my idea of 6 traits that separate winners from losers.

1. Abundance mindset: Winners display abundance mindset while losers display limitation mindset. You can see this mindset in action in the person who gives one rupee to an old woman beggar and another person who gives 50 rupees and stands to talk to that same lady. You can see this in the husband whose constant refrain is 'We don't have cash'. Keep on repeating the same and you will see that your words will come true. Winners know that the path to riches starts through giving not through receiving. That is counter-intuitive, but that is how the laws of universe works. Winners are givers. They are thankful that there are people out there who are doing them a favor by agreeing to receive what they give. They are not proud that they are able to give. They are humbled by the experience of giving and the kind consideration of the receivers who has obliged them by accepting what they give..

2. Gratitude: Winners display Gratitude while losers display Entitlement: Winners know that there are a number of people who contributed to their success and they display enormous gratitude to those people. Winners know that 'They didn't build that'. For example, their parents provided them with the education, they had great teachers who gave them the confidence in themselves, they have colleagues and coworkers who have contributed to their success, there is divine providence that helped and guided them through difficult situations. Winners are always looking for opportunities to pay it back. Every morning they get up with a prayer of gratitude to the universe for helping them explore their true potential.  Losers on the other hand believe that they are entitled to every good that happens to them. They are entitled for every good that happens to them. If bad happens, it is the fault of the universe. 

3. Searching for good in people: Winners always look for good in people, losers always look for mistakes that people make. Winners know that every individual has their potential and is capable of delivering exceptional work. They are always looking for opportunities to find people 'doing things right'. They know that if people do not work up to their potential, it could be due to the fact that they need guidance and support to do a good job. Winners are quick with appreciation and lookout for opportunities to appreciate the good in others. Losers are always looking for ways to criticize people. They don't realize that when they point one finger at others, four fingers are being pointed at them

4. Anticipate Change (Temporary mindset): Winners realize that people and situations are always on the flux and they have to continuously work on them to maintain and improve the same. They believe in the Heraclitus adage that 'Sun is new everyday'. Even while the individual or situation is remaining the same, the environment, physical or psychological, is changing almost every minute. They do not take anything for granted and will regularly question the status quo and take corrective action to ensure that they have the situation will under control. People with the 'permanence' mindset will assume that everything will remain the same always. They do not see  the changes that are taking place everyday. They do not try to mend relationships, they take people for granted and they allow situations to deteriorate without being aware of the deterioration that is happening around them. Permanence mindset is the reason why families breakdown, the Organizational discipline is violated and things just go out of control and take a turn for the worse.

5. Details and action orientation: Winners tend to get into details of issues. They question, they seek clarification and they keep probing to go to the root of any issue. They plan very thoroughly and follow up on each task. They are action oriented and they know that things are not going to get right automatically and that they have to take required action to meet their objectives. They ask the 'How' question a lot. Losers tend to think at high level and rarely go into the details let alone to the required action. They tend to talk at the 'Want' ('I want to get good grades') or at the 'Should' ('We should take action to remove corruption') and at the 'Why' ('Why are things going from bad to worse?') levels without ever reaching the 'How' level where solutions reside. 

6. Winners anticipate and prepare. They are the scenario analysts and they are ready with SOPs to handle any eventuality. They plan. They are the ultimate followers of the dictum 'Trust but verify'. Their reactions are always planned. Losers on the other hand do exactly the reverse. They are always reactive and adhoc. They act only AFTER the disaster has struck. They always end up doing damage control and never learn from their mistakes. They flit from one preventable disaster to another.

Well, that completes my list. As you might have guessed by now, I have examples of each of the behavioral traits that I mentioned, both of a winner and a loser (more of them). I am sure that you can identify at least some people in your life that can fit into the above groups. 

I would love to hear from you about what you think and examples of behaviors that fit into the patterns above.

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