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29 June 2015

Maxwell: Engage in Focused Thinking

This article is a continuation from THIS POST. It is advisable to read it before you read this article.

Focused thinking is synonymous with developing concentration. Focused thinking removes distraction and helps us concentrate on an idea and think with clarity.Some of the benefits of focused thinking are:

  • It harnesses energy towards a desired goal
    • The greater the complexity of a problem, the more focused thinking time is required to solve it
  • It gives ideas time to develop.
    • A good idea can become a great idea if you give focused thinking time
  • It gives clarity to the target
    • It helps one know the goal, and focus on achieving the goal
  • It  will take you to the next level
    • Thee immature mind hops from one thing to another. The mature mind seeks to follow through.
    • The only way to get to the next level is focus
Where to focus one's thinking?

Identify the area in our lives that needs focused thinking. The following steps will help us identify the area that we should focus on.
  • Identify our priorities
    • What are my priorities regarding myself, my family, my team, my life?
    • What are my strengths, what is it that I do exceptionally well?
    • What brings the highest return on my time?
  • Discover our gifts
    • What are my skills, gifts and talents? Talk to people, take personality tests and use reflective thinking.
    • If I am going to focus on my thinking in the areas of my strengths, I need to know what they are
  • Develop our dream
    • What is my dream?
    • If my thinking has returned to a particular area very frequently, I may be able to identfy my dream in that area.
    • As I get older my need to focus becomes critical.
How can we stay focused?
  • Remove disorders. Have a 'Thinking Schedule'
    • Focus on first things first. Prioritize
    • Insulate ourselves from distraction. Balance my need to be with people and to be alone.
  • Make time for focused thinking
  • Keep items of focus in front of us.
    • Have a regular reminder of our priority
  • Set goals.
    • Goals should be
      • Clear enough to be in focus
      • Close enough to be achieved
      • Helpful enough to change lives
      • Incrementally moves us to the achievement of our life's mission and purpose.
    • Write down the goals
  • Question my progress
    • Measure my progress regularly
    • Am I progressing towards achieving my dreams?
What am I giving up to achieve my dreams? What is my opportunity costs? Is it worth it?

Thinking questions
  • What are my dreams?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • What is my single line mission statement?

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