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27 June 2015

Maxwell: Learn from Reflective Thinking.

This article is a continuation from THIS POST. It is advisable to read it before you read this article.

Reflective thinking
  • Gives one perspective within a context
  • Allows one to continuously connect with the journey
  • Provides a direction to the future
Benefits of Reflective thinking
  • Gives you perspective. You gain new appreciation relating to things that went unnoticed
  • Gives an emotional integrity to your thought life. By separating emotion from experiences, it can help one get over a lot of negative images carried over from past.
  • Increases the confidence in decision making. Learning from reflective thinking can help one make better decisions.
  • Clarifies the big picture. By putting things in context, reflective thinking clarifies the big picture. 
  • Converts a good experience to a valuable experience. It converts experiences into insights.
How to embrace the lessons of reflective thinking?
  • Set aside time for reflection. 'The unexamined life is not worth living'. Schedule specific time for reflective thinking.
  • Remove yourself from distraction
  • Regularly review the calendar / journal. They tell you what you had done with your time and whether what you are doing now fits in with what you have been doing in the past and whether you are spending your time with a clear future objective.
  • Ask the right questions. The value you get from reflective thinking will depend on the quality of the question that you ask. The question you ask should reflect your priorities in terms of: 
    • Personal growth: What have I learned today? How can I apply it?
    • Adding value: To whom did I add value to day? How can I add compounded value? How can I add value to the society?
    • Leadership: Did I lead by example today? What did I do and how did I do it?
    • Personal Faith: did I represent god well today? What good did I do today that will make me happy?
    • Marriage and family:Did I communicate love to my family today? How did I show love? Did they feel it? How did they return it?
    • Inner circle: Have I spent enough time today with my key players? How can I help them to be more successful? In what areas can I mentor them?
    • New experiences: Did I have any new experiences today which has a potential to add value to me?
  • Cement your learning thorough action
    • Note down your thought
    • Make them actionable
    • Put them into action

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