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11 July 2015

RVO:Creativity Mental Block #9: To err is wrong

 This post is a continuation of THIS POST. Please read it before you read this post 

Our educational system teaches us that 'To err is wrong'. With this attitude we try to avoid mistakes by being too careful. However, this attitude can hurt us in  the imaginative phase of the creative process.

'The biggest job we have is to teach a new employee to fail intelligently' --- Charles Kettering

Learning from the 'Trial and Error' is a natural process that we learn when growing up As children we learn to walk by falling and trying again. The theory of 'Natural Selection' is a process of trial and error followed by the nature.

Errors tell us when to change direction. Negative feedback points to us where we are going wrong. We learn by trial and error, not trial and correct.

Most people do not change when they 'see the light' they change when they 'Feel the heat'. In the final section of the chapter author talks about three dangers of success

One, it tends to lock us into a pattern. 'It it is not broken, why fix it?'
Two, Success can create situations that undermine our original intentions
Three, it can lead us to our being over confident to the point of arrogance.

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