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18 December 2016

MEMEHIF and I: Catch me if you can

You know MEMEHIF, My Engineer MBA Educated Highly Intelligent Friend. I had introduced him Here and Here.

We share great times, MEMEHIF and I. We play games, we discuss politics....

One of the games that we play is called 'Catch me if you can'. The rules of the game are simple.

I am the runner and MEMEHIF is the catcher. The game works as follows.

I start the game by shouting a word or a phrase. The only condition is that the word / phrase should be in the public discourse at that time. Politicians should be talking about it on radio and TV, TV anchors should be holding debates on that word / phrase. Every time the narrative changes, I can change the word.

The task for MEMEHIF is to catch me before I change the word. Which means that he has to catch me before the politicians change their focus to a new catchphrase.

Simple? Right?

I say 'Acche Din' and start running. 

MEMEHIF runs after me. He is much faster and can quickly catch me. Only politicians can help me. They don't disappoint. Before MEMEHIF can catch me, the narrative had shifted to Dadri

I should 'Dadri'. MEMEHIF, if frustrated with the sudden change in narrative, do not show. 

Enthusiastic guy.

As MEMEHIF is close to catching me, I shout 'Governance Day'. He is disappointed for sure. But those are the rules, mi amigo.

As I continue the game new catchphrases are getting added by the dozen. Words and phrases like 'Swacch Bharat', 'Yoga Day', 'Vemula', 'Kanhaiya', Jan Dhan Yojana (I was almost getting caught there, just like in 'Swacch Bharat'), NSG, Black Money Amnesty, Demonetization, Black Money, Cash Less, Less Cash, Black Money Amnesty (again) are helping me to win the game. 

I didn't even have to use some heavily polarizing pseudo nationalistic rhetoric that used to be the flavor of the day.

MEMEHIF seem to have given up. He is no longer involved in the game. He is not happy with too many changes in narrative....

I did not tell this before, but I am doing it now. There is a simple rule that MEMEHIF can use to win. He can also say the word / phrase that he thinks is the leading narrative of the Government. Only few words are allowed. They are Job Growth, GDP Acceleration, Economic Agenda, Reforms, Poverty Alleviation and Secularism. I am not allowed to say these words / phrases. Only MEMEHIF can.

Any time he says one of these words, he wins.

So far it has not happened. I have been winning the game, big time.

Catch me if you can, MEMEHIF...

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