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17 May 2007

Lesson from my son.

We have recently shifted to a new house. My son, who is reserved by nature, finds it difficult to mingle with the children in the new block.
He says that he don't know any of the games that they play. He do not play cricket, badminton, football or any such games.
I decide to give him some advice.
"When you want to get into a group" I tell him, "you have to develop new skills that will ensure your smooth entry into that group. If they are playing cricket, learn cricket. If they play football, learn that. You have to start learning those skills that can get you into that group."
It suddenly strikes that the above advice is applicable to me as well.
It is like this. You see, I am an ERP consultant. In my organization, I am considered to be an expert in ERP. I am very clear on the finance domain and has the requisite skills that ensure a successful ERP implementation.
Recently I have been wanting to move out of ERP and move into general management cadre. I am looking for roles like delivery manager / practice manager etc. However, more often than not I was not able to communicate clearly what I wanted or why I wanted.
Suddenly I realize that what I am looking for is to enter into the group of senior managers, but I have not built up the necessary skills in terms of analytical capability, team development, ability to put systems and processes in place or the ability to see the big picture as well as the micro picture.
I am yet to develop the skills that will get me acceptance in the group of senior management.
I need to learn new skill sets.

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