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22 May 2007

One about 100% Quality in your work

I was attending a class where a faculty was talking to us about quality of the code that we write.
He put a question to the class for vote "Is 100% quality possible in your work?"
The class was unanimous in saying no. 95% Possible, yes, probabably we can stretch it to 97%, but 100% quality always, impossible.
Average is 80% to 85%, it argued. There is something known as human error, it pointed out.
The class argued its point with strong conviction.
After all the discussion was over, the faculty got up.
"You know, yesterday I went to the hospital for check up for my father's heart condition. The surgeon suggested Operation. Being a quality consultant that I am, I wanted to know what is the percentage quality of his work. He told me that it is around 90%. Human error made up the remaining 10%. His assurance is better than this class's who is promising 85% quality.
I think I should go to this doctor. What is your opinion?"
We were all silent.
"Why is it that when we go to a doctor, we expect 100% quality every time, whereas in your deliverables you feel that it is a stretch to promise 90% quality. If you can expect 100% quality every time from a doctor, who has come up from the same environment as you are, why can't your customer expect 100% from you?
We couldn't say anything


Anonymous said...

you (customer) can expect whatever you want. but you're only going to get what we and you are worth. we expect 100% from doctors but they don't give 100%. our customers expect 100% from us and we don't give 100%. it's all the same.

Ram said...

May be you are right. I always remember something that I read long time back. " Never do a very good job. That means that the customer will not come back to you since he won't face any problem and you are losing repeat business. Never do a bad job, because the customer is going to go to someone else. Do enough to keep him coming back to you. That is the only chance of business survival". I am not sure I agree with him.
Personally I feel that you must do whatever you do to the best of your ability.