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17 August 2007

Aap apna vazan kam keejiye (Please reduce your weight) - 1

The cycle does not ride well, I tell the repair man
What seems to be the problem? asks he
When I order it to move,
There is reluctance, there is laziness too,
I observe some delay in obeying my command,
Even in the down slope, this machine wants to stop!!

Oh, says the good man, Ah, says he,
Scratches his beard, deep in thought.
Oils the links, greases the chain
Taps all the nooks and cranny with his little tapper.
Gets up he at last, look at me in the eye,
I don't see any problem, says he
This machine runs as smooth as a gazelle.

Oh no, I counter,
If this is how a gazelle runs, I can only pity it.
This runs like a lame snail more than any.
Why don't you take a closer look,
I entreat, I beseech
In the morning, when I ride
All I get is the pain of the morning ride.

Oh, says the good man, Ah, says he
Scratches his beard, deep in thought
Let me take another look,
May be I have missed something.
Aha, says he for a change,
I have identified the problem,

What is it, I ask all expectant,
The reason for the machine's lassitude?
The problem is not with the vehicle, informs the good man
The machine is designed to carry 70 Kilos,
With you it is carrying almost double that weight.
The problem, he informs me, is with you
'Aap apna vajan kam keejiye
Machine theek chalega!!'
(' You please reduce your weight
The machine will ride well')

1 comment:

Sumit said...

That's why I was amazed to see you walking in the if you were still riding a bycycle ;)..seems the effect of morning bycycling is still not !!!