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18 August 2007

Aap apna vajan kam keejiye - 2

Walking has become slow, says I to the good doc
It is two steps forward, one back
What is the problem, can you please check?
My good doc, I no longer can walk fast

Checks my pulse and my pressure,
Probs my tongue with a torch,
Thumps me on the ribs , the good doc does
You are fit as a fiddle, informs he

Not like a fit fiddle, more like a wheezing flute
If I am fit why am I not able to walk fast?
Problem is with your weight
and your girth, says the good doc
It acts like a parachute and makes your movements slow.

What do I do? Asks I,
Please reduce your weight
"Aap apna vajan kam keejiye"
Says he giving me a bill of 500 bucks
How do I do that? ask I all a quiver at the bill
Go for a brisk walk in the morning, informs he with a wink

(How do I do that pray tell me,
when my problem is that I can't walk fast
The situation is dicey
Logicians call it 'circular reasoning' )

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